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Deal Genius IQ Points FAQs

What are Deal Genius IQ Points?
Deal Genius IQ Points is a loyalty program that makes cents!  You earn IQ Points on every purchase and bonus points on your birthday and for purchasing certain items.  IQ Points work like cash and can be redeemed for any merchandise on www.dealgenius.com.

How can I start earning Deal Genius IQ Points?
First, if you haven’t already, you must register with dealgenius.com.  If you are not yet registered, register here.  You must sign in before you check out to earn, accumulate and redeem points.  Every purchase earns IQ Points.

How much are IQ Points worth?
100 IQ Points = $1.00

How do I redeem my points?
Points are NOT automatically applied to your purchase.  When viewing your shopping cart, either check the box next to “Maximize my discount with points” or use the “Spend Your Points” slide bar to choose how many points to redeem on your purchase.  Points cannot be applied toward shipping charges or sales tax.

How many IQ Points will my purchase earn?
Every purchase earns at least 3%, specifically you’ll earn 1 point for every $.33 spent.

How can I earn extra IQ Points on my purchase?
If you check out with 3 to 4 items in your cart, you earn a bonus 1%.
If you check out with 5 to 9 items in your cart, you earn a bonus 2%.
If you check out with 10 or more items in your cart, you earn a bonus 3%.

Plus, look for special items which will earn you bonus points!  Bonus point items will be announced in the Deal Genius daily newsletter.

I want to get 100 IQ Points on my birthday.  How does Deal Genius know my birthday?
Get IQ Points for being born!  Log into your account here to add your birthday.  You can only receive up to 100 points for your birthday per calendar year.  If you are not already registered, you can register here.

How can I check my IQ Points balance?
Click here to check your points balance.

How quickly after I earn my points can I spend them?
After your earning order ships, the points earned on that order will be available to spend.  Birthday points appear in your account at midnight on your birthday.  When a referral purchases an item, you will receive your points after their order ships.  When a referral purchases an item, you will receive your points upon Deal Genius support staff approval, which can take up to 3 business days.
If I return my order, what happens to my IQ Points?
For returned or otherwise refunded items, Deal Genius will reduce your points accordingly.  If the points earned from your returned order have already been spent, Deal Genius may additionally adjust your refund accordingly.
Do my IQ Points expire?
Yes, points expire after 365 days.  Unused expired points will be forfeited.  We’ll send you a courtesy email when the expiration date is approaching.  As long as you purchase from Deal Genius once per year, your points will never expire.  Every time you purchase from Deal Genius, your entire point balance gets a fresh 365 days.
Can I give away or sell my IQ Points?
Are there any limits on how many points I can earn?
Generally no, but if the program is being abused, Deal Genius reserves the right to deny or deduct points.
What does not earn points?
Shipping, sales tax and free items earn no points.  If you are not registered, you will not earn points.  You will only earn points on the merchandise price after any discounts or redeemed points have been applied.  Rewards cannot be redeemed for cash.
What if I don't want to be part of the IQ Points program?
You are not required to participate.  Simply forgo redeeming points during checkout if you wish to waive participation in the program.  You can also opt out of the monthly points summary statement.  Go to My Points and Rewards and adjust your Notification Preferences.
What else do I need to know?
Deal Genius reserves the right to modify or terminate the IQ Points program at any time.