About Us

Founded in 2004, Deal Genius started as a handful of family and friends, scouring Chicago for great value products we could pass on to customers in need. At the time we were lucky to be sending out 10 orders a day. Since then we've grown that team to over 50 members, ship out tens of thousands of products a year, and have enjoyed every minute of it. 


As a daily deals site, we try to find smart buys to make your life easier and more fun. Each day you’ll find four new deals, special event sales, and an online store full of bargains priced way below any other website.  

Our goal is to offer a wide selection of quality, unique merchandise at rock bottom prices. Our dedicated team of Genius buyers hand-selects products with 4+ star ratings and personally tests every item before we sell it. If we wouldn’t wear it, use it or give to our kids or pets, we wouldn’t want you to either. We also carry our own high-quality brands of products under the labels DG Hill, Jo & Bette, and Simply Genius. 

With the lowest prices online and free ground shipping on orders $29 and over, shopping with Deal Genius is a no-brainer. We’re known for our amazing customer service and our generous 90 day return and warranty policy.

Each time you visit, you’ll probably discover a product you didn’t even know existed or find a price on a favorite brand that you didn’t think possible.

Want to know more? Our FAQs will answer most of your questions, and we welcome you to email us at support@dealgenius.com or call us at 708-831-4473 with your suggestions, comments, questions, or concerns.  We are here M-F 8:30am until 5pm Central time, excluding holidays. By night, we are formulating new deals in the top-secret deal lab and cannot be disturbed!

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