About Us

This year we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary of saving people money.  We started Deal Genius as a couple of friends and family members addicted to garage sales, flea markets, and bargain hunting. Now, 20 years later, we’re proud to still be small and family owned, and we continue to hunt for great deals to pass on to you each day.

The Deal Genius Philosophy

If it's on our site, it's for a good reason. Each product is hand-picked by a dedicated team of Dealologists that look for:


We're not going to show you a product unless we believe we're offering it to you at the best price. Period. Our goal is to always be the lowest price online, with our featured deals often over 50% off what you’ll find elsewhere. So go ahead, price compare! We encourage it because we know you'll be happy with what you find.


When it comes to sourcing products, we're just like you - before we buy we like to research, read reviews, and even test it.  Our goal is cheap prices not cheap products.  If you wouldn’t buy it, neither should we. Of course, unforeseen things can happen. This is why we offer both exceptional customer service and an extended 90-day return policy. 


What brings us joy is finding products that we think will make you happy. Before we commit to offering a product on our website or at our outlet store, we ask a lot of questions. Questions like: Why would someone want this? Is it useful or fun? Will it last? Does it make you laugh? Would you give it as a gift? Depending on the product, we may ask all or just a few, but without fail every product gets imagined in the hands of our customers. If we don’t envision you smiling, we don’t buy it. 

In Conclusion…

With the lowest prices online and free ground shipping on orders $29 and over, shopping with Deal Genius is a no-brainer.  Each time you visit, you’ll probably discover a product you didn’t know existed or find a price on a favorite brand you didn’t think possible.  Whether you're looking for unique, giftable items or everyday necessities, we've got you covered.